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In South Africa alone, over 6.5 million pay TV subscribers were recorded in 2017,

in a country with over 55 million people. The lion’s share of this market currently belongs to one satellite TV provider with one Pay TV product leaving over 48 million people without access to pay TV services, using only free-to-air broadcast services. Moja Media, in partnership with StarSat, aims to make satellite television available to this untapped market. global story.

Moja Media will forge a strong professional relationship with the leadership and media of Africa and BRICS countries to ensure credible content from the Global South, challenging existing Western global media narratives on Africa with the new reality on the ground. Using its current and future television and radio channels on StarSat (SA), BRICS, TeleSur (Latin America), Moja Media will advance content sharing from Africa, regularly feature and promote African leadership through high profile televised programmes and events

Moja Media aims to work with all African state trade and investment promotion agencies to provide access to our current and future television channels to market and promote the destination, and provide support to African media houses in terms of research and technical and editorial training in partnership with the BRICS and teleSUR Africa channels. Part of this vision involves engaging in co-productions with local African and BRICS producers to produce documentary series and films on art, culture and history for our channels.

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Out of this current media landscape of inequality and bias, the potential exists for the creation of a new viable global media or-der where worldwide satellite and online news, information and entertainment services become a reality for Africa, Asia, Latin America and the South. The Moja Group is committed to the development of strategic partnerships which will free and expand the consumer market for news, information and entertainment on and about the peoples in the tri-continental sphere.

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The Moja Groups strategic partnership in the area of media and telecommunication is based on its acute understanding of the opportunities which exists within critical sectors. Moja has a proven track record in the creation of content, production systems, and has built a team who have both the relevant understanding and the production, filming and editing capabilities in all aspects of content production from news, current affairs, documentaries and studio based programmes.

Moja Media


The group has the resources and the neces-sary infrastructure for the production of a wide spectrum of content for it’s channels. Investors can be condent and secure in the knowledge that Moja Media, and the entire Moja Group has the expertise, the resources and the staying power to yield successful results.