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Moja Media offers television production, outside broadcasting, content generation, audio post-production branded content, channel management, graphics, video editing and facilities hire.

Moja Media

Content Creation

Moja media is all about creating high end and innovative content for all of our channels. Moja Media has a global footrprint and operating in 25 countries.

Moja Media

Studios & Facilities

Moja Media has its own studio where we offer skilled crew and HD equipment to meet our clients' needs. Our team is highly skilled in producing world class content.

Moja Media

Content Offering

Our established presence in broadcasting is through the StarSat platform as well as through the international television platforms of our partners (Al Jazeerah, TeleSur etc).


The BRICS channel is a current affairs channel that focuses on the BRICS: Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. Unapologetically biased towards promoting and advancing the interests of the BRICS countries and all developing nations by spectrum of formats – documentary, news, in-depth reports, analysis, talk shows, lifestyle and reality.

BRICS boasts programming from Russia, China, Brazil, India, Nicaragua, Cuba, Venezuela, Bolivia, Paraguay, Ecuador, South Africa and Africa at large, with a skew towards profiling the various activities and projects of the BRICS coalition across the socio-political and economic spectrum.

The channel provides up-to-date news in relevant, edgy reporting in the areas of business, politics and socio-economics. The content broadcast on the channel will be both informative and entertaining, aimed at the cosmopolitan, world-wise, socially conscious businessmen. The channel provides content that is relevant and engaging for the working class viewer who understands and appreciates the implications of the BRICS association

Roots TV

Roots TV is a 24-hour satellite tv channel that will be a voice for the rural and per-urban communities largely ignored by the mainstream television.

It also provides a distributed platform for many of our black content creators thus removing a significant hurdle to entry into the market place and creating sustainable revenue.It is driven to uplift the rural poor by telling the “Good Stories” from those communities.

Roots TV is a channel of Moja Media.

Telesur Africa

Moja Media has launched telSUR Africa, the 24- hour television news channel on the StarSAT/ODM Bouquet. TeleSUR is the biggest news television network in Latin America. We want to tell the stories of African countries from their own perspective to other African audiences and the rest of the world.

TeleSur is a current affairs channel devoted to breaking the news on big events, not only in Latin America but around the world, covering and reporting important news and information internationally. The platform is motivated by the ideal to lead and promote unification of the people of the Global South, positioning themselves as a space and voice for the construction of a ne communications order.

The channel will promote Africa as continent of independent, democratic and self-determinded nations that successfully manages their own affairs as well as promote Africa especially SADC as investment and tourism destination that is open for business from all over the world. Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana and over 20 other African countries will receives the signal from the Latin American based multimedia broadcaster teleSUR.